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02 April 2014 @ 05:08 pm
boy who cried wolf [1]  
Title: Boy Who Cried Wolf
Pairing: Sehun/Luhan, Chanyeol/Baekhyun/Chen, Kai/D.O, Kris/Tao
Summary: Prophecy has it that when two are born with Fenrir's Gift, they will gather the Ten on the day Hati swallows Skoll, and the Tree of Life shall be born anew. Wolf AU, based loosely off EXO's Wolf Drama. In which Kris and Luhan are pack brothers seeking revenge for the extermination of their clan, while the rest of EXO run amok in high school. God save the Queen

Luhan panted as he slowed to a stop, palms sweaty and sticky against the concrete walls. He surveyed the roof before creeping towards the exit stairs.

The sound of heavy footsteps behind prompted him to duck into the shadows of the nearest pillar, hiding from the sight of his assailant, his heart pounded wildly in his chest. The footsteps grew louder and close, far too close. The stench of asphalt and iron masked the scent of the man, shielding his identity from Luhan. It took almost all of his willpower to stop himself from bolting as his instincts have been screaming at him to do, but he had to force himself to wait.

The patient wolf always gets his prey.

The seconds ticked by louder than heart beat, and then a tall figure appeared in Luhan’s sight. In one swift motion, Luhan whipped around the pillar and grabbed the man, sliding his hands over the man’s mouth to muffle his screams before throwing him easily over his shoulders. The man went sprawling onto the ground with a sharp cry of pain. Their eyes met as Luhan stepped in for the kill, and then it was Luhan’s
turn to be surprised.

A combination of fear, shock and confusion, none of the emotions evident in the stranger’s eyes have the murderous intent that should have been there. Instead, Luhan found himself staring into the face of a blonde-haired high school kid, who probably has to skip his soccer match tomorrow because Luhan very nearly fractured his tailbone.

“Oh, I am so sorry!” Luhan squeaked as he caught a whiff of lavender exuding off the boy, before he released his grip.

“What the, who...” the blonde boy looked decidedly bewildered. Luhan didn’t wait for the blonde boy to finish his sentence before turning on his heels and bolting into the darkness.


“Alright class, quiet now!” Mr Lee as much shouted to the class as he announced it, and the camaraderie gradually died down. “Today, we have a new student that will be joining us. Let’s welcome him!” He motioned to the boy standing by the door.

“Hi… My name is Luhan. I was born in China and raised in Gwangju but I moved to Seoul recently. Please take care of me!” Luhan meekly introduced as he proceeded to give a perfect ninety-degree bow, orange hair flopping over his eyes as he did so. Several appreciative murmurs went up from the girls in the class.

“Luhan, take the empty seat beside Sehun at the back. And Sehun, if you would be nice,” Mr Lee instructed, glaring pointedly at a boy sitting at the back of the class who did not seem to have heard him. Luhan obediently made his way through the narrow aisle between tables to the only empty seat and set his backpack down. Bending over, he caught a familiar whiff of lavender, sweet and musky, and it startled him so much that he hit his head on the edge of the table. Rubbing the small bump gingerly while the class sniggered, he straightened himself and, like what he had practiced this morning, plastered a smile across his face to greet the world. He found himself staring right into the eyes of a blonde boy sitting next to him who smelled and looked exactly like a blonde boy he threw over his shoulders yesterday.

The boy in question was watching Luhan with an unreadable expression on his face. Not wanting to make anything seem out of place, Luhan quickly sat down on his seat and took out his textbooks and the human odds and bits called stationaries that Kris had prepared for him right before he’d left.


Luhan wished that he’d be back soon to take him away from all this, this human world that he was still not used to. He still remembered returning to their apartment to find Kris hastily throwing his clothes into a large suitcase. Judging by the size of the suitcase, Kris wasn’t planning to return anytime soon. “Where are you going?” Luhan had asked, panic rising in his voice.

“To seek answers” was the only reply he got, followed by a string of hasty instructions as Kris pressed the keys to a new apartment into Luhan’s palm, a weight strangely foreign in his hand. He was to move in as quickly as possible, enroll in a human school and blend in with them, and he was to wait. It’s all in small note detailing his new identity as Luhan, a high school student from Gwangju, and a thousand other small words resembling little ants. Luhan wanted to throw it back at Kris, hit him and scream at him and ask him where on earth does he think he is going without him. But all he could do was nod, fighting the emotions choked up at the back of his throat.

The last thing Kris had said was simply “be safe” as he clapped his hand on Luhan’s shoulder, his dragon symbol glowing faintly on the back of his hand. And then he had turned his back on Luhan and disappeared into the darkness.

It turned out that nothing in the note, in all its endless details and instructions, had anything to help Luhan, who was raised apart from humans all his life, deal with this thing called human interaction. While it taught him how to use a microwave oven, it certainly didn’t teach him how to react to the blonde boy sitting next to Luhan who seemed quite determined to stare a hole through him. Their eyes would meet now and then when Luhan glanced to the side as he pretended to flip his textbook, and Luhan would always be the first to look away with his heart pounding strangely in his chest.

The bell for lunch drew a collective sigh of relief from the class. Lunch meant social time, and social time meant an opportunity to chat up the pretty transfer student who had been causing quite a stir among the girls. Before they could get close, however, someone had already beaten them to the new boy. As Luhan rose from his chair, he found himself face to face with the very person who had been in the table next to his a moment ago.

“I don’t think I’ve introduced myself yet so let’s try this again. Hi, my name is Sehun and no, I’m not planning to gobble you up.” The blonde boy, Sehun, spoke with a slight lisp, adding that last part as an after-thought probably due to Luhan’s stunned expression.

“Hi. Uh. Hi. Your back, uh, from yesterday, uh, does it still hurt?” stuttered Luhan, words tumbling out incoherently as he struggled to piece his brains together. He didn’t know what to say, and sniffling Sehun back in greeting was probably a human taboo? Sehun raised an eyebrow, but his lips stretched into a smile as he gave a small laugh. The difference it made to his usually indifferent face surprised Luhan.

“What do we have here? The Class-Prince-His-Royal-Highness Oh Sehun, putting off his airs and actually laughing with the newbie? Sehun-ah have you been kidnapped by The Visitors!?” A boy with short, wavy brown hair appeared from nowhere and threw an arm over Sehun’s shoulders, looking back and forth between Sehun and Luhan incredulously. Sehun’s smile quickly disappeared in a frown as he swatted the other boy’s hand away in annoyance.

“Sorry about that,” the wavy-haired boy laughed as he blocked a punch to his shoulders. “My name is Jongdae, Kim Jongdae. Also ‘Chen’ if you like, though it’s only Yixing and Zitao who calls me that because I once had orange hair like yours except, well, it was about ten shades brighter.” He gestured all around Luhan’s head, as if the action would cause Luhan’s hair to turn bright orange.

“You’re Luhan, right? Since Sehun seems to like you so much, why don’t you eat with us? The rest of the gang’s already downstairs depleting the school’s supply of kimchi fried rice.” said Chen as he grinned at Luhan. He had an easily-likeable demeanor, but there was an odd twinkle in Chen’s eye which Luhan could not put a finger to. Walking ahead of the two, however, Luhan soon discovered the reason behind that twinkle. The explanation came in the form of a metal pail crashing down on Luhan’s head as he made to open the classroom door, the impact reverberating inside his head even after the pail had tumbled to the floor. He stood there, stunned momentarily as the entire class except for Sehun roared with laughter.

“Ya! Baekhyun!!” Chen laughed so hard that he looked as if he was having a fit as he gave the culprit a high five. Said culprit was now giving a poker-faced Sehun the peace sign, smug that he drew first blood in playing a prank on the new kid. Luhan wondered if he was supposed to laugh or be angry; was this one of the ways that humans greeted each other? More importantly, was it normal for students to carry metal pails with them to school just to greet each other like this? Baffling.

Seeing the confusion on Luhan’s face, Baekhyun quickly apologized and explained that he’d meant no harm, and was merely upholding his title as the King of Pranks as a transfer student proved too irresistible a target. Humans are such strange creatures.


When they finally reached the canteen, there were three boys sitting at their usual table, each licking an ice cream cone.

“The rest of them have already gone for soccer,” said a pale boy who looked almost as white as his vanilla cone, as he eyed the way Sehun stood such that Luhan was half-shielded from Chen and Baekhyun. “Jongdae-ah, so I take it that you and Baekhyun succeeded?” Baekhyun positively beamed.

“This is Suho, and the two sitting on the other side are Jongin and Kyungsoo,” Sehun murmured as he slipped a hand around Luhan’s wrist, pulling him into the seat next to his. “Kyungsoo’s the shorter one.” He added helpfully.

“I’m not short. The world is just a big place to live in, that’s all.” Kyungsoo’s voice was pleasant and soft, but the way he deadpans was like a quiet slap to the person he was directing it to. Next to him, Jongin grinned and ruffled Kyungsoo’s dark red hair as he cooed, “Yeah, Kyungsoo, we all know that.” Kyungsoo narrowed his eyes at him.

“So is it true?” Baekhyun asked as he sidled onto the bench next to Chen, “Sehun you were the one who approached Luhan first?” As Chen nodded enthusiastically, Jongin’s jaw dropped open and the resemblance to a gaping fish was stunning. “Sehun-ah, have you been kidnapped by Chanyeol’s Visitors!?” exclaimed Jongin as he shook Sehun by the shoulders. “Sweet Heavens, where have they taken the real Sehun!?”

“Chanyeol would be so proud,” added Baekhyun with a sagely nod, and Sehun looked like he was ready to turn them all into jars of kimchi as he glared at his friends in annoyance.

“Nice to have you joining us,” Suho interjected before the situation got any more awkward for Luhan. “I hope that we’ll become good friends!” said Suho, offering a firm diplomatic handshake to Luhan, which he accepted after staring at Suho’s outstretched hand for a moment. There were so many things left for him to learn.

Throughout lunch, the gang chatted as they normally would and Luhan just listened, occasionally answering the questions thrown his way when their curiosity turned to him. From the conversations, Luhan learned that all of them had suffered under the hands of Chen and Baekhyun before so it wasn’t just Luhan - Suho even had maggots snuck into his lunchbox once. He was clearly not amused at the memory of it. Jongin seems to be an aspiring dancer, from the way the others kept probing him about his audition choreography, but he just smiled and shook his head without revealing anything. Kyungsoo didn’t seem to like to talk much either, though he displayed a genuine interest when they started grilling Luhan about himself. They talked at length, about how Luhan and Yixing and Tao are going to be the best of friends because they were all born in China, about Luhan’s strange inability to use chopsticks, and a little about Kris. The other were genuinely in awe that Luhan was living apart from his parents with only his elder brother, something that seemed incredibly independent to them for a high school student.

“He’s away on a business trip right now, if you must know.” Luhan relented in the face of their incessant questioning as he took a bite out of his egg. Suddenly he realized that everyone had stopped eating to stare at him.

“W-what? Did I say something wrong?” Luhan stammered, looking at each of his friends in confusion. Sehun helpfully pointed to the egg that Luhan was eating, while Baekhyun broke the silence with a hoarse whisper, “You just ate the egg whole. The glorious egg on your kimchi fried rice. Are you sure that you’re Korean!?” Luhan almost spat out his mouthful of egg as he mumbled an apology, causing the others to roar with laughter as Sehun quietly snuck his own egg on Luhan’s plate. For the third time today, Luhan wondered if he will ever get used to humans and their strange ways, but he also wondered for the first time in a long while if this was how it felt to have a pack that you can call your own.


Later that night, Luhan stood next to the window peering through the sheer veil of curtains. Streets in Seoul’s suburbs are quaint and peaceful at night, the abundance of street lights giving off a false sense of security. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary as Luhan surveyed the street, wondering why Kris would insist on him keeping watch when - Luhan froze - he understood why all of a sudden.

There was someone watching him from the shadows.

Heart racing and adrenaline pumping, Luhan dashed out towards the street, instincts drowning the protests from his brain that it was probably extremely stupid to chase after someone who was after his blood.

“Damn it!!” he cursed as he ran out on the empty streets. The hooded figure was gone without a trace, without even a ghost of a scent left behind for Luhan to track. Fists clenched and a low growl rising at the back of Luhan’s throat, he glared long and hard at the spot where the figure stood a moment ago. The insignia at the back of his left hand flashed dangerously.

One day, I will catch you. And I will rip your throat out of you.