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16 October 2013 @ 11:34 pm
boy who cried wolf [prologue]  
Title: Boy Who Cried Wolf
Pairing: Sehun/Luhan, Chanyeol/Baekhyun/Chen, Kai/D.O, Kris/Tao
Summary: Prophecy has it that when two are born with Fenrir's Gift, they will gather the Ten on the day Hati swallows Skoll, and the Tree of Life shall be born anew. Wolf AU, based loosely off EXO's Wolf Drama. In which Kris and Luhan are pack brothers seeking revenge for the extermination of their clan, while the rest of EXO run amok in high school. God save the Queen.
AN: A combination of all epic things we hold dear, none of which we own. There's Beef insisting on HunHan, Oat insisting on Baekyeol, ending in a clash of the titans and perpetual price wars. Enjoy.

Mornings in Luhan’s memories consisted mostly of sunlight filtering through his mother’s fur, diffused into something softer, and maybe a hint of daisy fields. Roll to the left and he’d find the soft heaving of his pack brother Kris’ chest, rising and falling to the beat of his gold-tinted dreams. Luhan would then squirm into that little pocket of warmth more out of instinct than anything.

There are a lot of things that Luhan loved, but it’s times like these in the mornings that he loved best.

Kris is a moon older than Luhan, so Mother let him out of the den first despite Luhan’s pleas. A moon meant a lot to them; Kris was almost twice the size of Luhan back then. Later, when Luhan finally obtained Mother’s consent, he had spent nearly every waking moment outside the den with Kris, lapping up everything the world had to offer them. Luhan would roll about in anything he wanted to show Kris, whether it was a new plant or a strange pile of fresh poop. Let him smell the new scents he’d discovered! Share the joy! Kris, on the other hand, devoted his time to saving Luhan from things like falling into the river, running into a trap, or simply from his own stupidity.

They are Wolves, his mother would remind them as she gave them their ritual morning lick-overs. They are meant to run wild and free.

And then there was the howling at night, each Wolf in the pack joining in the chorus until they were one. The first time Luhan heard his father howl, his voice echoing clear and proud above the pack’s, as if it alone could reach the moon. It showed them all that he was the Alpha Male, the leader of their pack, and all Luhan could do was gape in awe at the magnificence as the Wolves sang their hearts out in sheer unbridled joy. Luhan had tried to join in once, and he still remembers his first howl, a poor and rather squeaky imitation of the adults. Kris had tried not to laugh (it came out as a wheeze instead), but even Kris could not manage a proper howl then. In the end Father nudged the noisy, yapping pair out of the den with his muzzle. Be patient, was what he meant, but neither Kris nor Luhan had understood then what their father was trying to say.

The last time Luhan heard his father howl, however, was a deep howl of pain and anguish.

It was the snarls and the ground trembling that woke Luhan that night, but what greeted him was not the familiar sight of his mother’s furs - his mother was nowhere to be seen. Panicking and ears alert, he rolled to his feet, eyes slowly adjusting to the dark. Where is Kris? His pack brother had disappeared as well. As the snarling outside the den grew worse, Luhan could only hope that Kris had escaped somehow.

Luhan can't remember how long he remained huddled in the corner of the den, nor can he remember when the howling started. No nightmare, no amount of warning could have prepared him for the distant cry of pain, raw and wrecked, the sort of cry that a Wolf makes with a certain finality to it - Father was dying. Whimpering, Luhan tried to make his way to his father but a sudden tremor jolted him off-balance and threw him off his paws. It took him a second to realize that the tremor was not caused by an earthquake, but because his father's body had just landed above their den. It took him another second to notice the chunk of ceiling rocks that are free falling towards where he lay.

The last thing that Luhan remembers seeing before the world faded to black is the vague shape of a giant wolf in the distance, and a tiny plea at the back of his head for morning not to come.