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05 April 2014 @ 11:03 am
juste un petit peu [one shots/drabbles]  
Title: Juste un petit peu
Pairings: Kai/D.O, Chanyeol/Baekhyun, Kris/Tao
Summary: A series of one shots that explore "love without holding on". There are three stories in total.
Warnings: Character death, suicide, alcohol, and everything bad.

"I write of love that is barely requited, barely there, only made tangible by a collection of old photos and memories of lingering touches. A love that binds no one and yet it cuts deep; a sudden wistfulness that comes with snuffing out a cigarette while looking up at the sky from an empty motel room, limbs still tangled in cheap perfume and sweat-stained sheets. To write of such a love in all its innocence and ambiguity, that would be my only vice."

Kyungsoo inks the last word with a careful, precise hand. He holds it up and surveys his work. It's a fine piece, the perfectionist in him relents, maybe the finest he has ever written.

He blows the ink dry and arranges it neatly on top of the manuscript before enclosing the bundle in a brown paper envelope. A brush of adhesive and the story - along with a fragment of time and Kyungsoo's heart - is sealed safely within. It's not a particularly lengthy novel, but it rests in Kyungsoo's hand like thunder.

The clock reads fourteen hundred hours, and if Kyungsoo runs to the post office now he might just make it for today's delivery. By the next morning, the efficiency of Seoul's express mail will have it delivered to his editor. In a month, the bookshops all around the world will be stocked with the first copies of the book, fresh from the press.

In less than half a year, Kyungsoo will win an international award for it, and fans will be raving about its 'raw, heart-wrenching honesty' and producers will be clamoring for rights to adapt it for the big screen.

And yet, Kyungsoo wonders how long it will take for the news of his death to hit the press, or if it will even be reported at all.

Because in less than twenty-four hours, Do Kyungsoo will be pronounced dead in his own home with three slashes on each wrist.

And the name 'Jongin' carved over his heart.